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Cred in orice pana se demonstreaza a fi fals. Asa ca eu cred in zane, mituri, dragoni. Toate exista, chiar daca exista doar in mintea mea. Cine spune ca visele si cosmarurile nu sunt la fel de reale ca aici si acum?!~ John Lennon

joi, 25 martie 2010

Our world is goin' down...

I wake up too tired, I feel like I haven't slept for days .A new day starts with the usual things, nothing is different..Sometimes I wish I could fall asleep and never wake up .A dream is a perfect world where you can do anything you want without breaking any stupid rules made by others who believe that they know everything and in fact they have no ideea about what is happening around them and who is the person who stands right next to them .Why does everything needs to be based only on what is on the surface .. ?!Appearances can be deceiving.. but nobody cares about that.. Nowadays the look reflects the knowledge . Our society is built on lies .. everything seems to be an illusion desinged by us because we cannot face the real truth, we're too weak to accept reality instead, we prefer an imaginary world . Of course, sweet lies are the most beautiful words which can make us feel better even when we know that those words don't reflect the real truth .. From my point of view a sweet lie is not the best solution for anything.. unfortunatelly is the strongest weapon used to manipulate a person and the most terrifying thing is that we don't do anything to prevent this from happening .. Frankly ?! I don't give a damn about what the others choose to do but I cannot stand people who try to control others or who try to enforce their own way of thinking.. We're too selfish to care about someone else except us.. everything we do is for our own good and it doesn't matter if others support the consequences of our actions ..We have a serious lack of moral values, tolerance and even education ..We should try to change something , but who is listening?! Nobody.. Our world is goin' down each day...and nobody gives a damn about this ...

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