~ Simple words ~

Cred in orice pana se demonstreaza a fi fals. Asa ca eu cred in zane, mituri, dragoni. Toate exista, chiar daca exista doar in mintea mea. Cine spune ca visele si cosmarurile nu sunt la fel de reale ca aici si acum?!~ John Lennon

vineri, 24 decembrie 2010

A Christmas Story

The spirit of the winter brought back into our souls the magic dust of forgiveness and happiness ..for me he brought a large casket of memories .He left it near my door , because my christmas tree is somewhere in the house covered in a grey colour . I slowly opened the box with a weird feeling of " already seen and done ", suddenly I realised that there were no ordinary memories stored in it ..Black and white dreams poured in a spilt of second all over the floor, well sharped pictures were floating on the coloured sound of voices and sparkling moments could be seen from place to place..It was a real mess !For a moment I wanted to ignore everything and go back to sleep but I couldn't,the memories were all mine. I took a closer look and it was obvious.. your face was everywhere , I couldn' t believe my eyes that all the moments we shared were there in my room, randomly scattered on the floor.
One picture was brightly shining in a dark corner ..I saw it and a smile was drawn on my face :) . It was a hot summer day when I received for the first time red roses without even a special occasion, well there was some different circumstances but I daresay that it didn't cross my mind what your intention might be.I felt how my words recasted into unknown states of mind and for I don't know what reason my mouth was shut.You remembered what I told you back then ...
For me the image of you holding those roses and trying to look straight into my eyes is priceless...
Do you remember this ? I hope you do because is one of the memories in that casket..my casket ...I could say, my heart because every feeling goes through it .
My present for you, besides a substantial thing is the remembrance of that moment .. when I completely fell in love with you .